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Bamin – Bahia Mineração, Caetité (BA)

Core drilling supervision (50.000 m) for iron ore research with geological, structural and geotechnical description of core samples, (density, chemical and geotechnical) test planning, QA/QC control, database construction and support in deposit modeling

MIBA – Mineração Minas-Bahia (BA, MG)

Geological reconnaissance survey of iron ore targets for exploration in BA and MG states

Yamana Gold, Jacobina (BA)

Elaboration of gold reserves revaluation report

Minas Gerais


InterCement, Ijaci (MG)

Discovery of limestone deposit: development geophysical works, drilling, samples preparation, chemical analyses, modeling of carbonate rock deposits, acid materials research, geological studies to commissioning, technical assistance and mineral and environmental consultancy during and after start-up of cement plant

Hydrogeological study in the project area with final development of conceptual hydrogeological computerized modeling for evaluating karst aquifer conduct according to the temporal evolution of the mine; development of systematic monitoring of equipment network (piezometer and Parshall flume)

Vale, Caeté (MG)

Maquiné Project: hydrogeological survey and registration in the iron ore deposit area and surroundings, with water sampling for hydrogeochemical characterization, expediting field tests, estimation of emergences and surface water flow rates, elaboration of Stiff diagrams, definition of hydrostratigraphic units, development of conceptual hydrogeological modeling, elaboration and specification of monitoring projects and its equipments

Alcoa, Poços de Caldas (MG)

Elaboration of bauxite reserves revaluation reports

Bunge Fertilizantes, Araxá (MG)

Barreiro Mine: elaboration of phosphate reserves revaluation report

Vaaldiam Resources, Duas Barras (MG)

Characterization and modeling of alluvial diamond and gold deposit, hydrogeological model elaboration, forecast for pumping volumes in the pits, lowering of the water table, equipment sizing and elaboration of general drawings

Hydrogeological characterization of diamond deposit in the Rio Jequitinhonha

MIBA – Mineração Minas-Bahia (BA, MG)

Geological reconnaissance survey of iron ore targets for exploration in BA and MG states

Mineração Santa Elina, Riacho dos Machados (MG)

Revaluation of mineral resources in gold deposits

São paulo


InterCement, Apiaí (SP):

Serrinha Mine: characterization and hydrogeological inventory on mine surrounding area and specification of the works and basic equipment (piezometer and spillway) for water monitoring



Intercement / Yguazú Cementos, Paraguai:

Puerto Itapucumi: regional and local geological recognition, structural-geologic mapping of surface, mineral research planning and execution, technical development of the research, deposit modeling and reserve estimation

Acahay: research and evaluation of pozzolanic materials reserves



Intercement / Yguazú Cementos, Manaus (AM):

Clay research – monitoring, inspection, description and sampling

Intercement / Yguazú Cementos, Jatapu (AM):

Geological exploration planning, technical development of the research work, deposit modeling and reserve estimation

Mineração Taboca, Pitinga (AM):

Diagnosis of mineral rights situation and monitoring



Pará Pigmentos (Vale), Ipixuna do Pará (PA)

Characterization of Kaolin deposit: validation and tabulation of more than 4,000 drill holes, statistical analysis of kaolinite litotypes, 3D modeling of covering layers and variants of kaolin by parallel sections, geostatistical studies of block models for kriging interpolation, classification and evaluation of mineral resources

Alcoa, Juruti (PA)

Evaluation of bauxite resources: research data validation, database elaboration, definition of modeling criteria, geological modeling of bauxite deposits, available geological resource estimation, parameterization of resources, elaboration of isotendency thematic maps, comparative study between massive and nodular bauxite

Hydrogeological studies: environmental feasibility study of bauxite mining in Juruti, PA, piezometer implementation (planning, specification, monitoring and supervision in mine and port areas)

Intercement / Yguazú Cementos, Santarém (PA)

Clay research – monitoring, inspection, description and sampling

Mineração São Francisco de Assis, São Félix do Xingu (PA)

Database creation and revaluation of tin reserves

Globe Metais, Estado do Pará

Prospecting and geological research of quartz for silicon metal production

Other Locations


Globe Specialty Metals, Corumbá (MS):

Evaluation of iron ore areas in Serra do Rabicho


Mineração Santa Elina, Almas (TO):

Gold ore research – monitoring, inspection, description and sampling


Altoro Mineração, Pedra Branca (CE):

Pedra Branca Project: data analysis and validation, computerized modeling of the deposit and evaluation of platinum and palladium geological deposits


Intrix Brasil, Chiapas – México:

Recognition, geological characterization and research planning of carbonate rock deposit in the region of Tuxtla Gutierrez


Suralco, Suriname:

Structural-geologic mapping, estimation of bauxite resources/reserves, deposit parameterization and technological characterization of ores

Suriname Aluminum Company, L.L.C./ N.V. BHP Billiton, Suriname:

Trade-off study of bauxite supply to feed the alumina refinery in Suriname


Globe Specialty Metals, Chile:

Evaluation of marine and alluvial magnetite deposits

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