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The Mineral Engineering area, which exists in MultiGeo since its establishment in 1995, was enhanced in 2001 to meet our customers’ needs. Over the years our activities have extended and today we have solutions that are customized and specific for the whole mining industry chain, from mine planning to mineral processing and recovery of degraded areas.

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Our services include:

 Mine Planning

  • Computerized mine planning and simulation of development condition of the mine over time, aiming at maximizing the mineral deposits
    lifetime, optimizing the internal rate of return and the net present value of the venture, homogenization of processing plant feed
  • Selection and sizing of equipments
  • Technical support and assistance in mine start-up
  • Operational research to optimize blasting, loading and transport operations

Mineral Processing

  • Technological characterization of ores and waste
  • Process development
  • Conceptual project
  • Material handling system design
  • Process simulation

Technical and Economic Feasibility Study

  • Estimation of investments and operating costs
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Basic project
  • Detailed project
  • Feasibility study
  • Economic evaluation of existing operations


  • Start-up support
  • Support for clients and associated companies in specific mineral technology area
  • Optimization of existing operations
  • Acquisition of mineral rights and environmental regularization

Due Diligence

Recovery of degraded areas

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